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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 22, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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c1 breaking news at 8:00 out of the east bay where a woman has been killed after she was hit by a train. this is video from the helicopter partner with abc 7. good evening, everyone, and welcome. >> this happened at the very
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same intersection that a deadly collision occurred killing a mother and her child back in may. tonight, passengers on the amtrak train are stopped on the investigation. let's get out to spendser blake, and spencer, what you can tell us how everything played out? >> reporter: well, honestly, police can't tell us much because their investigation is still in the preliminary stages. we just got here recently as well, and you can see the roadblocked off at washington and chapman in san lee aped row. a lot of police presence. basically what we do know, they say when they arrived, a woman was hit by a train. they came and found a woman dead in the street having been hit by theamtrak train. they don't know whether it was an accident or suicide. theysay they had witnesses who saw it happen. police are talking to them and they are not releasing details of the witness statements. they are still gathering information, very preliminary
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so far. the amtrak train is still on the tracks about 600-yards from where i'm standing, and they are continuing to look into that, and i asked police, you know, is this a concern that will be looked at since this is the second time someone was killed here? they said it :j%( ppiĆ”$qwill b by traffic engineers and n5 d perhaps on the road, there maybe changes made but, again, that's for engineers to decide down the road, and we are going to be getting more information from police tonight and bring the latest at 10:00 on kron 4. i'm spencer blake live in san leandro, kron news. and that same intersection was the site of a tragedy in late may, a mother and daughter killed by a train while they were in their suv. grant? >> reporter: a lieutenant with the police department in san leandro said at this time, this is just tragic, no other words
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to describe. it an oakland mother and 3-year- old daughter killed on may 24. vanessa enriquez and her daughter, sadie, trapped on the live 5 traffic trackerred -- tracks, and the capital jose to sacramento. no one else was injured but now, two fatal accidents. >> thank you, and triple-digit heat fueling a fast moving wildfire. this is one of several fires burning across the state in vacaville today. we'll get to that in a moment but santa clarita, north of los angeles, it's prompting serious evacuations. >> in the space of just a few
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hours, the fire exploded to 1500 acres and is burning bone- dry hillside to state route 14. the freeway is partially closed. no homes immediately threatened, but winds are pushing the flames pretty much away from urban areas towards the angeles national forest. fire officials have issued evacuation orders to a trailer park and crews are struggling in the triple digit heat. in el dorado county, evacuation orders for a 60-acre fire that is, however, 40% contained at last check. firefighters spent the day working to gain control of this fire near vacaville. >> and we have more on the problems they have faced. >> reporter: yeah, really scary because this was burning close to homes. firefighters were able to get a handle on it and contained the 57-acre grass fire in
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vacaville, halfway between san francisco and sacramento, and it took more than 50 firefighters four hours to get the flames under control. vacaville police told people living nearby to get out but the evacuation orders have been lifted. the aerials, courtesy of our helicopter partnership with abc 7. the cause is still under investigation. >> thank you so much, and the dry and hot weather is fueling the flames. we have concerns but are looking forward to a warm week. a warm weekend, and a few concerns, it's hot and we don't have a chance of rain, and we are dealing with windy conditions. this is the big area of high pressure, warm and checking into southern california, parts of phoenix and vegas, we are in the dpipping of a warming trend and sunny afternoonings, and it will stay warm along the coast,
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dealing with an onshore flow. 60sin san francisco and the future wind speeds showing breezy conditions tonight heading into tomorrow afternoon and we will still see another round of windy and breezy conditions. i am also tracking warmer weather as we kickoff the weekend. highs around the region tomorrow, 101 in antioch and 99 in concord and 95 in livermore and 68 in san francisco. the 7-day forecast coming up in just a bit. a gunman at mcdonald's, yelling god is great in arabic as he was shooting at children in munich, killing nine people. >> the shooting spree ended with the killer apparently
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taking his own life and here's what we know. >> reporter: pan oik a warm summer evening. the shooting broke out of at 6:00 p.m., not far from the site of the 1972 olympics. witnesses describe the gunman coming out of the mcdonald's restroom and opening fire. >> boom, boom, boom. >> running outside the building, and then i heard several shots. >> reporter: while the hunt went on, the city of 1.5 million was on lockdown. >> a very serious situation. no public transport is going anywhere and people are asked to stay at home. the situation is unclear and frightening for the people here in munich. >> reporter: the shooter is identified as an 18-year-old german-iranian from munich. he apparently killed himself after his rampage in the mall. >> the exabt motive of the
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gunman is not clear but he claimed to have been bullied as a young person. most iranians consider isis as their enemy. some witnesses say he wanted revenge for being bullied and yelled insults at turks and other foreigners. we brought you breaking coverage right here on wron news of this important story and you can stay updated downloading our free mobile application. a man apparently tried to kidnap a young girl in a north redwood city neighborhood, and she tried to run away. we have more live from the school where the girl was able to call for help with the latest. ella? >> reporter: yes. fortunately, that girl was able to runoff a block away to fair oaks community elementary, and there was a summer program open at the time this happened and now, they are asking for the
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public's help to catch the man responsible. authoritiessay a man they're looking for tried to take a young girl against her will in a north redwood city neighborhood at 12:00 in the afternoon on thursday. the 12-year-old girl was said to be walking around douglas and fair oaks avenue when authorities say that a man with blond hair approached her on a red bicycle. >> hoping that they catch the guy because she plays in not front of my yard. i want her to be safe. >> reporter: he was described to be wearing no shirt and white and red shorts. he asked if the girl was lost, offered to help and grabbed her. she ran off and told a summer counselor about the incident. >> immediately notified us and we conducted an area search, a thorough search but unfortunately, we didn't find anyone or anything suspicious. >> reporter: this business owner said he has never seen anything suspicious, just heard
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about it. >> i hear rumors about these streets here. >> reporter: the street where this school is located on and i have seen many r4j',families li they are urging parents and guardians to talk about stranger danger. meantime, san mateo sheriffs deputies are looking for anyone with information to contact the sheriff department to help out with the search. to san francisco where today would have been mario woods' 27th birthday. today, he was remembered. he was shot and killed by police last december. tonight, we are live outside the church where the emotional ceremony just concluded.
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>> reporter: emotional it was indeed. mario woods' mother sat in the pews listening to all the nice things everyone is saying about her son but it's clear she is grieving. her son is dead and he is not coming back and that's difficult to bear. the vigil is going on three hours song. members of the congregation will walk out shortly but that has yet to happen. gwendolyn woods just wrapped up speaking. dozens of people showed up, many of them members of the justice for mario woods coalition day. they dubbed this mario woods' day. and the police chief has since resigned but woods' mother says
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more needs to be done. >> i think we have to take it down brick by brick. you can change your policy but if you don't change the heart of a man, we will have this problem again. if we don't get rid of this systemic racism, sexism, we'll have the problems again. it starts healing here. i think you need red flags and policies. you have to look at pending investigations where people come into your city. >> reporter: as i mentioned after the vigil inside the church, woods' family and others will walk across the street where he was killed and pay tribute on him on his birthday. policesay woods was armed with a knife at the time of the
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shooting. officers used non-lethal force that day. that didn't work ultimately resulting in the deadly shooting. shot 21 time that is day and led woodacy family to file a civil rights and wrongful death lawsuit. ahead at 8:00, san francisco back in the spotlight as donald trump targets sanctuary cities in his convention speech. and a collision, what they are calling it. they have been plaguing southwest travelers as more flights are canceled leaving people wondering is there any end in sight? >> and a 6-foot shark spotted in bay area waters. when consultant josh atkins books at
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to decision 2016, the democrats' ticket is complete with hillary clinton making her choice for vice president. more with who he is and what donald trump is already saying. >> reporter: clinton announced that virginia senator tim kaine would join her ticket, 58 years old and a former governor of virginia and former mayor of richmond, virginia and sits on
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the september foreign relations committee and speaks spanish. clint clint said, i am thrilling to announce my running mate, tim kaine, a man who devoted his life to fighting for others. donald trump's campaign is calling him corrupt kaine. so all eyes will turn to philadelphia where the democratic national convention starts on monday, and final preparations are under way. we just got a video of a drone shot. we'll have full coverage right here on kron 4. happening today, a shark
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spotted off our coast. i guess this was yesterday? right, and today, the warnings are going out. the spark was spotted yesterday off the shores in pacifica, and they are warning folks. the surfers did not let the warning signs stop them from trying to catch a couple of waves. police are asking people at the beach to be aware of their surroundings and be careful in the water but the beaches are not closed. the beaches are not closed and it's going to be hot. yeah. hot for a lot of inland locations, and people are going to the bay to try and cool off. a live look outside, a beautiful sunset and not a lot of cloudiness. as we go into the rest of this evening, we'll see a few clouds
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starting to move into parts of our area and a little bit of patchy fog as well. but, again, not a whole lot of cloudiness and a lot of sunshine for tomorrow afternoon. tonight, increasing clouds and tomorrow, sunny and warm, and sunday, the hot inland temperatures and a hugh locations will get in the triple digits tomorrow and on sunday. 81 in fairfield and 83 in concord, and 75 in novato, triple digits for las vegas and phoenix at 105 and 76 in los angeles. and we have an area of high pressure which will remain in control and, in fact, move closer to us which is why the temperatures will bump up. right now, the wind speeds at 18 miles per hour in san francisco and 14 in oakland. we will maintain an onshore flow so cooler at the coast and we'll watch for the area of high pressure with clockwise rotation moving closer to us as
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we go into the weekend, and it will bump up our temperatures in the next calm -- couple days. we can expect to see warming temperatures into next week with above-average temperatures. 90 in novato, and 68 in san francisco. 101 in antioch, and we'll take a closer look at the 7-day forecast in about 15 minutes. >> brittney, thank you. and if you are flying on southwest, you better call ahead. they are having problems. a computer glitch has caused massive cancellations and delays. it was not fixed. well, it was fixed but still recovering. more than 300 southwest flights canceled. officials are trying to give
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travelers with flights wednesday and tuesday a chance to rebook with no charge. that offer will last for two weeks. san francisco's immigration policy decision back in the spotlight after donald trump talked about it last night in his acceptance speech at the republican convention. >> front and center when he named an undocumented immigrant accused in a local murder. we're learning more on what the san francisco sheriff is saying report kate steinly was killed on pier 14 and the man charged with her murder is an undocumented immigrant from mexico, deported several times and had multiple felony convictions. today, we talked to san francisco's sheriff about where the sanctuary city laws stand. while there were changes in the
8:21 pm
ordinance, there was little impact. >> so basically we have a no notification policy accept under very, very specific circumstances. and it sets forth a notification policy for people who have been held to answer to specific crimes, very serious felony crimes and sometimes, violent crimes report she said since she took the post in january, there were no notifications. as for the suspect, he is in custody and is awaiting trial. >> thank you, justine. straight ahead at 8:00, he is praised from saving people from what would have been a commuting nightmare. tonight and only on 4, hear from the bart driver who took quick action when he saw this truck on the tracks. >> and next, anti-police crimes popping up in the bay area. what is done to fight the
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hateful messages. >> coming up later in the broadcast, wearing sharp colors. the lady in turquoise? >> that's right. turquoise. >> and that will hold you. and e-mails and the giants need a win and draymond green, oh, my gosh. wait until you see what he has to at a -- get out of the deal in michigan later in the broadcast. that protects those inside and outside. ready or not, the future is here. the all-new e-class. self-braking, self-correcting, self-parking. a mercedes-benz concept car that's already a reality. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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flyers saying kill cops, not trees have been found around santa cruz. the signs have been posted on the footbridge over the san lorenzo river, and otherrers, scattered downtown. santa cruz police are investigating saying they don't consider it to be a credible threat. one art shop owner is making a point of replacing the nasty signs with a positive message
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saying love cops and trees. and now to the east day where the home of one donald trump supporter was targeted by vandals in a mean way. the owner is beefing up security now. it happened last week in livermore with vandals tagging the home and cars in the driveway with donald trump's name and spray painted the word, racist, on the sidewalk in front of the home. >> when i put up trump signs out front, i had a hunch something might happen with a lot of high emotions in the election and people that feel like they can shout you down. that's not free speech. i would never do that to another, uh, political candidate but tempers are running high and it happens. >> david is genial about the whole thing and doesn't know who is behind it but has
8:26 pm
installed security cameras in case these folks decide to try again. a brand new episode of a back story is about 30 minutes away. here is a look at what you can expect. >> tell me what happened. >> i was on east 14th. it wasn't a choice situation. i couldn't find work and had a daughter i needed to take care of. romero pulled me to the side and asked me, was there something that i could do for him to get the car back. i was scared to death. to this day, i still worry. that's why i'm in a warehouse with no windows or nothing. >> in a brand new episode of the back story, and a classic episode at 9:30. ahead at 8:00, thousands of
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e-mails from convention leaders leaked online. what they're revealing. and something in the water is forcing one city to completely cut off their supply to residents. >> and next, a local tribute to fallen first responders. but there was controversy surrounding that ceremony. and get ready for a warming trend as we head into the weekend. we are really going to be sweating in certain areas. i'll go over the details after the break.
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bay area police unions came together and held a ceremony to honor fallen first responders. >> reporter: bagpipes played as a group of officers from around the bay area gathered to
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pay respects to the first responders who died in the line of duty. >> once again, we are cut to the heart at the loss of life and damage to peace that we have suffered. >> reporter: in front of the speakers, a large banner held reading that today was the day to honor san francisco's local heroes and across the state and nation who made the ultimate sacrifice. the police unions and international association of firefighters chipped in to pay $15,000 to print the same words in a full-page ad in the chronicle that ends with it is they who are deserving of special civil remembrance. the board of supervisors voted to designate july 22 as the mario woods day. but they also said it was just coincidence that they chose
8:31 pm
this day. >> we have chosen this date to honor the officers who have fallen in the line of duty and especially want to recognize our brothers and sisters in dallas and baton rouge. >> reporter: in attendance, frank jordan who said he thinks the board of supervisors made a wrong call. >> never seen a police memorial day by the board of supervisors. serving and protecting lfer and -- -- life and property, giving the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: but some think that the powerful san francisco police union should be re- vamped. >> replace them with good citizens who really want to do the work and not come and kill us. >> reporter: they held this
8:32 pm
event at the spot as a reminder for the community that they serve. maureen kelly,kron 4 news. moments of a police shooting was recorded on a cell phone video. one of the officers fired pause he thought the autistic young man was holding a gun and was going to shoot the therapist. but the officer shot the therapist, charles kingsley, in the leg and he is now in the hospital. they are calling for more police training to stop this kind of shootings. the first of the officers in the baton rouge attack was laid to rest. he is a former blackhawk crew
8:33 pm
chief who served three tours in iraq. he leaves behind a wife and 3- year-old and 9-year-old daughters. more than 100 drivers were spoken to during a monthly crackdown. >> trying to get people to behave on the roads. >> reporter: here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. when someone is caught speeding, you sometimes need to get their side of the story. this driver is doing 40 in a posted 25. and i asked if he department -- didn't think there would be a cop around. >> i just wanted to keep my feet on the brakes, save my brakes, you know -- >> you want to save your
8:34 pm
brakes? >> well, you know. >> reporter: and he is missing proof of registration and a few other things. you can downshift and to the apply your brakes. >> you can get a break on your insurance. but you have to have current proof of insurance. >> reporter: you didn't know how to downshift on an automatic? and this driver, caught doing 42. she was in a rush to get to mcdonald's. you were going pretty fast. >> yeah k you not -- can you not record me? >> reporter: and then she said -- >> i wasn't paying attention. >> reporter: so maybe a ticket will get her attention. she has only been driving several months. >> it's posted drive for a
8:35 pm
reason. you passed the school zone, downhill, hard to stop. you are now in your 8th month of having a license and you want to keep it? >> reporter: instead of a ticket -- i have a daughter the same age -- and my biggest fear is my daughter being involved in a crash. >> if you are going to have white lights in the front, the fog lights are permitted, but they have to be covered unless they are used. when the vehicle is parked at a job site, something of that nature. >> reporter: it's up to you to know the law. in pacifica, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. many are residing under a heat dome for this weekend. >> blistering in places.
8:36 pm
>> how it will affect us in the bay area. brittney shipp has the answer. we'll be under the influence of high pressure and as it heads our way, a live look outside as the sun is slowly starting to set near the golden gate bridge and a few clouds will move through heading into the evening. 73 in napa. 83 in concord and a warm evening in antioch at 86, and 67 in hayward and 67 in san francisco. the planner as we head into tomorrow, a few clouds. temperatures in the 50s for the coast and 64 inland, and 71, and closer to lunch time, a look at the inland locations in the low 90s. it will be a hot day tomorrow. 3:00 p.m., temperatures keep climb being. mid-90s with sunshine. the 7-day forecast shows we'll warm up more, and sunday, a high of 98 for inland
8:37 pm
locations, and even warmer and staying above average as we head into next week. i will be tracking everything you need to know and take another look. and how one dog's bark helped to rescue his owner. >> and hacked e-mails hosted online. what they say about top officials and hillary clinton's campaign against sanders.
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we're over here internet people! get high speed internet from at&t. with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on. >> thousands of heck e-mails from the democratic national committee have been leaked online.
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the wiki was publishing a database including 20,000 -- 27,000 e-mails from the dnc, including thousand from the party communication director and 3700 from the national finance direct a. some one staffers discussing how to discredit bernie sanders in favor of a clinton presidential candidacy. wiki said the database is the first part of a series of leaks focused on clinton. chrysler is recalling more than 400,000 cars because of problems with wiring. the company said the problem can cause cars to move slowly on low-power. jupiter get turkey suvs, chrysler sedans among the models affected by this problem. chrysler found some wires were not crimped properly and that caused the engine to go into limited power mode. they say they don't know of any related crashes or injuries. >> companies like uber and outlet are trying to get more
8:41 pm
details desk deal to get drivers behind the wheel. >> the drivers are paying high, even predatory, prices. the copies are offering leases and financial deal to get more drivers on board. wilbur and all lift the companies are good for people who have a cut -- don't have a car but still want to work. the drivers called the deal awful. the deal also caught the attention of regulators that are now looking into whether the programs violate the rule that drivers use a personal vehicle. coming up at 8:00, don't drink the water, we will tell you why people in one color city are being told to stock up -- on bottled water. >> and a driver being highly praised for preventing a catastrophe when a truck ended up on the tracks. and we will have some fan e- mails. also we will see in the giants
8:42 pm
were finally able to break a five-game after the all-star losing streak, this time against the yankees. we've got highlights coming up.
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>> new at 8:00, we show you long lines of people waiting for bart wednesday because an accused what -- drunk driver went onto the tracks. trains were stopped from san francisco to oakland. delays and results could have been worse. >> it could have been. the operator of the train is being called a big hero because of his quick thinking. >> it huge. the captain said it could have been a terrible accident. >> he was come under pressure. his name is phil matthews and
8:45 pm
he credits his training, his quick thinking and sunglasses for stopping it claim -- train from colliding into a truck. matthews has worked for bart for four years. he was driving the richmond to millbury line and was coming out of the trance bay to when he said he was at a area where the sun had terrible glare. he said he had to react fast when he saw something totally unexpected. >> i put on my sunglasses because i know it's sunny. i put them on and i just seen something that looked out of place. the thing that wasn't supposed to be there was a toyota tahoma truck. >> 5 feet from disaster. he is humble one he talks about how he saved lives to at the
8:46 pm
truck drivers life, his life, and the lives of the pastors on the train. he said he is no hero but was just doing his job. i think he did an a plus job. the driver of the car was arrested for dui. people in a town in colorado are being told don't drink the water, don't cook with tap water, don't even take a shower, because it might be contaminated with thc, the mind altering chemical found in marijuana pick officials in hugo say they don't know how it ended up in the water but at least one well shows signs of tampering. it's not clear how much tac is in the water. federal, state and official locals are investigating. there are about 700 people in town. more bottled water is on the way. >> good evening, it's the all- star break. giants cruise along 24 games over 500. they are now 0-6
8:47 pm
since the break, 0-6 on the road. here we go from yankees stadium, bruce bochy, now you earn your keep when you have to turn something around. he, boom, fall ball off his leg, had to leave the game. x-rays reveal negative, only a contusion on the right leg. met with some getting playing time while they wait for hunter pence which could be -- latest report could be the end of next week. tied at two at the whims and double. looks like air force but brandon crawford, three errors on the night, quite possibly his worst game on the field with the giants. yankees win on a crawford error . 3-2. giants next and winnings -- innings with st. louis. dodgers lose it remains at four.
8:48 pm
usa basketball, 117 argentina, 74, kevin durant led the usa and the first of five exhibitions prior to the olympics having 23 points. draymond green had three points and three rebounds tonight and more importantly his deal in michigan, well, he received a plea deal for that assault from july 10. he will avoid jail, and the charges will be reduced, and again dream on will pay more for dinner in las vegas that his fine of $500. do you go, draymond green put that behind him and usa basketball off and rolling. this is kind of a night for people in love. grant had the great justine, loved each other last time i checked. good grief, is 2016.
8:49 pm
i prefer to what somebody who i know it actually likes the person next to them, as opposed to . >> as opposed to the situation. >> you saved my red, otherwise i'd be lying on the couch not, just saying what went wrong. no, i'm very happy. what you got there, girl? >> your tribute to nate them in, i can tell he meant tell it to you. >> you're talking about nate thurman would call the house every six months for about five or six years. i was kind of his liaison into broadcasting and he said they want him to work in comcast but they're offering me $5 and hour and i said that's what it is. he said let me talk to it easier, and back and forth. he was the coolest, and the best part of this job i said a lot, but i use to train a lot in san
8:50 pm
jose as a kid, and that would take you to watch the warriors work out. that's the first time i knew that rick barry probably need a plug-in that nate thurmond drove a rolls- royce. i thought in the parking lot with that big roles in there. he was great and one of those guys that was nice to everybody. >> great man stand, to those short shorts make it hard to move around of the court? >> yeah, those sorts were a little tight. >> reveling in the day there? >> that's what everybody wore pick and i was still able to be flexible in these. >> there you go. >> only problem, he could shoot, he could do everything else better. . >> you're not a giants fan if
8:51 pm
you're not upset by their recent performance. >> i get upset over other things . i'll say it again. poor matt cheney get beat up. call me back in september. and if they are struggling like this that's a different story. but when you play 152 games, if you sweat out everything, you've got nothing else on your mind. i'm not being rude but these are fun, they are entertaining, the whole thing but don't take the worst is happening, they've still got two months to play. >> i always say it and even you, and they win every even year, so let's keep it rolling. >> so you're not sweating? >> i'm not sweating. >> that's a tip for people for grant, if your mate doesn't sweat, don't you sweat. people in love. look at grant sweating. he sweating. . >> okay, moving out to gloria, what's the matter with you? so what if donald trump had good kids? that makes him a good presence? >> i said hi, the matter what
8:52 pm
you think of trump, there is something at the end of your life where you say, hey, at least i raised some good kids, and his kids sure look good to me pick somebody immediately sent me a picture of the two boys hunting. that makes them bad. no, you can rip trump all you want. i'm not going to necessarily vote for him but his kids sure seem great. >> ernie, your life humanizes you. did can't make you do it. >> can't don't make me do nothing. a few years ago he said we will bring in a guy from fresno named fred pick i said before you do that, let me bring in my wife. i said hey fred and fresno have my wife do it and it worked out. >> you got to hear what's coming after the break.
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>> we have a cute story about man's best friend, a dog named guy in pennsylvania. owner, really old for being on a hike, 79 years old. rescuers hear that he's missing. say hello to guide. this is guy being congratulated. the rescuers were out looking for this old guy, and guide the dog would run down the bank -- and guy the dog would run round the bank of the river in the direction of where his master was. >> you know this sounds exactly like a last episode. >> one of the first responders said it was like watching an episode of lassie pick and the guy out there -- i keep saying the guy -- the man, the owner, had been out there for 12 hours, so it was a serious situation. >> the dog was obviously smart and getting a little agitated. >> the owner is recovering.
8:57 pm
>> they will get his picture if you come back and watch at 10:00 . >> have a good night, everybody .
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9:00 pm